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About Us

Innovative, Talented, Driven

Modern Design Office

Turktechnic Group & Glass Exporter

As a known as a reliable trader, we’re used to working with all types of customers - local or global, large or small.

Exceptional quality is the foundation of our company, and is the driving force behind all decisions; whether it’s which materials to purchase or the best way to serve our customers. ,

We work in a highly competitive field, so we’re constantly investing in technology and research to make sure we stay ahead of the curve. Our commitment to quality guarantees our success and your satisfaction.


As a player in the league of quality service, we are active since 2019, Glass Exporter has a wealth of knowledge and experience in everything related to the manufacturing of fantastic products. We’re committed to providing a variety of companies and individuals with quality products and innovations. The industry is constantly changing, so it’s important that keep up with the latest advancements.

So we have our own relationship goals with our suppliers and customers.


Glass Exporter is built from talented individuals with the creativity and passion to not only meet, but exceed our clients’ needs. These qualities are what propel our company forward. Each member brings something unique to the table, but we share a commitment to providing high-quality products.


There’s so much happening behind the scenes of Glass Exporter to ensure our clients receive the most quality, reliable products possible. To bring our exceptional production process to light, we’ve outlined the key features below. Keep reading to learn the benefits you’ll receive when you choose to do business with us.

Our Mission

We Aim to Build a Better World

Have been exporting to Europe, Middle East and Africa for 10+ years and able to produce any size of projects made by aluminium & glass.

Glass Exporter has more than 10k sqm of free glass production capacity monthly, including all types of products.

Our mission is to offer and provide customisation, coordination, best price and quality to our customers. And we are creating happy customers all around the world.

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